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The main theme of the conference is 'Information Systems: Innovation and Development in the Portuguese-speaking space', and topics of interest to the conference are also:

Main Topics

  1. IS Curriculum and Education
  2. Societal impacts IS & the future of work
  3. IS for a green and sustainable world
  4. Cyber-security, privacy, and ethics of IS
  5. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and new business models
  6. Sharing Economy
  7. Human-computers interaction
  8. Design Science
  9. IS Development and Project Management
  10. IT Adoption and use
  11. IT Value
  12. Social Media
  13. IS in Healthcare
  14. E-Government
  15. IS research methods
  16. Human Behavior in IS and Marketing
  17. Data Science and predictive analytics
  18. Business, data, and process modelling
  19. ICT4D
  20. Smart cities
  21. Data Science and Good